01 – 10 AUG: E4LIFE

As part of our AYELI series, we aim to teach the less privilege basic citizenship values. Through the program “E4LIFE”, we want to educate youths on being responsible citizens and promote positive values they can add to building their nation. This shall be a 1 day program which shall take place in Yaounde, Cameroon. Please constantly visit this page and our website to get update on where this program shall be carried out, including the program timeline and activities. We call on sympathizers and the general public to take part in this program by contacting us using contact@ua-web.org or visiting our About page.

OctoberMy Life, My Rights ForumYaounde
November– African Youth Endeavor Forum
– African Youth Business and Entrepreneurial Forum

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In its mission of empowering young Africans, UNITED AFRICA has set up three organs which contain special programs carried out in the form of forums, conferences, symposiums, festivals, etc to enable them to reach their full potential and serve their communities. Projects such as AYELI, FAJEC and UAYL have emerged on the national and continental levels.


AYELI (African Youth Empowerment and Leadership Initiatives) is a series of programs focused on training and building young African leaders. AYELI was launched by United Africa in 2019 as its flagship organ to educate and train the next generation of African leaders. It includes workshops, seminars, forums, symposiums etc, as well as a training program which runs throughout every year and these are also coupled with celebration of important African dates and events.


FAJEC (Festival Africain des Jeunes pour leur Expression Culturel aims to unite all African youths across the continent with the main goal of expressing, promoting and preserving their cultural values. Through FAJEC, youths would be able to have some plight in expressing and defending their cultures and also understand ways in which they could use to preserve and pass them onto the future generation of youths.


UAYL (United Africa Youth League) is an organ of United Africa that focuses on educating and training young Africans from the ages of 5 to 17. It is an in-house program that includes courses and training programs targeting the more younger generation. The organ is opened to all children, including the less privileged, marginalized and vulnerable one. Registration is done both online at the United Africa website (ua-web.org) and offline in United Africa centers. This organ is divided into two programs; Pro In-city Program and Program 52.